About Moods: Flowers And Flesh-Eating Plants



The will to compensate,

or rather the urge to compensate,

is a strong one.

Albeit a destructive one.

It stirs up the soil

in which you try to grow some flowers

before the season is over.

The season is your mood, your current flow;

the current which flows

right below the surface.

the surface of the facade

that you keep

in order to survive.

Each current so brief and so overwhelming,

there is not enough time to learn how to care for these potential flowers.

Each current starts so optimistically,

but all I am left with, are self destructive powers.

These roses turn into flesh-eating plants

All the stardust pollination from the flowers

turn to acid, sharp teeth

the plant eats all my attempts at happiness

steals them

and keeps them out of my reach